Jeffers bagpipes with Omega drone reeds

Omega drone reeds are carbon fiber tongued synthetic drone reeds that utilize grub screws in various parts of the body to allow you to modify the tone to your liking. The bridle position and tightness is controlled by a grub screw in addition to a row of 3 threaded holes along the length of the reed on the bottom which allow you to adjust for air consumption by bending the body of the reed. That coupled with the usual Ross/Crozier rubber plug and there’s lots of room for adjustment. You have to spend quite a bit of time really dialing them in and I think I got really close! This set is on loan to me from David (he loans me lots of things, like Robertson bagpipes). Hopefully he doesn’t kill me for changing the reeds as he had them set, haha. David also owns a set of Jeffers bagpipes and so I figured I’d play them in my Jeffers bagpipes. Colin Kyo poly chanter and Husk reed, no surprises there for regular readers. I’m directly facing the mic for all but the last and I think that finally gives me a good volume balance between drones and chanter with the mic located up above bass drone level in front of me. Much like the Selbie bass in these Jeffers, the Omega bass (as setup) also gives a very powerful E overtone from the BASS. See if you can hear it because it’s right in my ear when I’m playing. May be easiest to hear in the one set with a slow air.

Since I mislabeled a tune the other day, I figured I’d play the tune whose name I used instead of the correct one, the Tourist!

The Tourist, Mark Sheridan, and the B-52

The next set starts off with two great tunes by the greatest of Scottish fiddlers, James Scott Skinner. Strathspeys are my worst tunes. Notice in Balmoral how my doubling tachums are very square: ha-da-dum instead of hada-dum. E grace notes are still a bit of a struggle so in trying to get in, everything slows down and tightens up. You can hear the same thing in my GDEs when I tighten up for the E grace note so much so, my D finger doesn’t even play the D grace note and then you don’t hear the E grace note either. Agh!

Hector the Hero, Iron Man, and Balmoral Castle

For some fun, I played this set for International Bagpipe Day on the 10th of this month.

Captain Calum Campbell’s Caprice, the Big Yin, Kitty Lie Over, Rory Gallagher, and the 1st Hype Cowboy Division

Lastly, I turn around and point the drones right at the microphone for some 4 part reels. In no particular order…..

Miss Proud, Lochiel’s awa to France, Bessie McIntyre, Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree, and the Rejected Suitor

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