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August 1, 2009 on 7:57 am by Michael Grey | In Stories | 1 Comment

After a seriously long journey to Brittany (7 hours by plane, 8 hours by bus) we arrived. I suggest anyone planning to head to Lorient from Paris travel by high-speed TGV train (a 3 and a half hour journey) instead of bus (as mentioned, 8 arse-numbing hours).

After landing we rushed directly to the stadium for a “Nuit Magique” rehearsal. Around 1 am, at rehearsal’s end, we were all ready for bed. But not before a stop in “Pub Glen” for a quick night cap. 4 hours later, many tunes on the pipes, a whackload of songs from a couple of (excellent) itinerant Welsh singers, and a stop at a kebab house, we made it to our beds.

I sit now, soaking wet, in the Stade Moustoir, waiting with great anticipation, for the grade one Breton Bagad Championship to begin – we’re “rain-delayed” 60 minutes. With luck we’ll start at 4 pm. The whole of the northwest coast of France is heaving with torrential rain. There seems to be no escaping a damp summer.

The layout is great though: a stadium, a stage for the bands, sound equipment for the bands (and the MC) and a row of tables and 13 chairs for the judges. Very civilized.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I trust you’re dryer than me.


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